Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Wallpaper of The Day

Here's another random wallpaper of the day to brighten up your life.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

I Called U

Here is another classic Chicago House track.  Most dance floor pilgrims will be familiar with the funky horns of I Called U by L'il Louis but don't dismiss one of the B-side tracks 'Why'd U Fall.'  If you're not into dance music this might be a bit on the hard side for some people's tastes, but you have to remember that this was from 1989!  So ahead of it's time it boggles the mind.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Random Wallpaper of The Day

Another dose of Calcium and Vitamin D delivered fresh to you!  Nice piece, unknown artist.

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Keep Milk Fresh!

Time For Me To Finally Shut You Down

I was going to post another Sally Sly/Salah video but I don't want everyone to think I have a bias to French dancers!  I thought I'd post a dancing video of someone quite special but relatively unheard of outside the dance scene although many, many people have seen him dance at least once.  Do you remember a little guy with Scoliosis doing the robot on America's So You Think You Can Dance and his crew got invited for a guest spot?  That was Bryan Gaynor aka Chibotics.  Although he is amazing that is not who I'm talking about!  I'm talking about another member of his crew called Nonstop who is one fresh pop-locker.  Check out the video below and leave a comment.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Random Wallpaper(s) of the day

To make up for the lack of random wallpapers recently I will give you not one, not two but three!?! random wallpapers of the day as a special treat.

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Seen collection

Young'uns like me tend to use words like legend and master quite freely nowadays and apply it to anyone who has got a bit of a reputation.  However Seen is someone who is truly deserving of the title of legend.   He was one of the early superstars of the New York graffiti scene who is still going strong today.  If you have any doubts then watch this awesome youtube video (with german hiphop soundtrack!)

If you liked this please check out my previous post on seen

No Internet :(

Hi loyal fans, big sorrys for the lack of updates, through various events I had no access to the internet for the past couple of days.  I know quite a few of you give my blog daily love and it is all appreciated and I can assure you the love is spread right back.  Hopefully the Milkfloat has been charged up and restocked and normal services have been resumed :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Random Wallpaper of the day

Another random wallpaper of the day.  What has the milkman delivered for us today?  Straight from the chiller cabinet Cookie Monster!  Ready to dunk it into the good stuff!  I believe he is a fan of the Milkfloat!

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Ghost Ride The Whip

In case you don't know Ghost Riding is when you blast your speakers, jump out of your moving car and dance alongside it.  The truly leet Ghost Riders aim to do the dancing on top of the car.  Often intending and unintended hilarity ensues.  Try it if you dare and do as the song states 'we jus go dummy'

Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Wallpaper of the day

Here is another random wallpaper from my wallpaper folder, anyone know the original source?

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Atlantaaaaa! LAaaaaaaaa! Virginiaaaaaaa!

Awesome lesser known Miami Bass track from female group Anquette. More famously known for their response track to 2 Live Crew. This is a great shout out track that is as fresh today as it was in 1987.

Some Morning House

What better way to start the day off than a nice chilled bottle of classic Chicago House?  Listen to this to make your life better, whether you have to go to work, go to the school or just need some fresh air out of the basement.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

It's Reggae Time!

An absolute reggae classic (well it is for me)

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Breaking Atoms

Here's a classic from the golden age of hip hop. Lyrics for the mind not for hating. Peeps who don't know their history forget what an incredible producer Large Professor was and still is.


Random Wallpaper of the Day

Randomly selected from my wallpaper folder, okay not my best but where the milkfloat stops, the milkfloat delivers, sometimes long life UHT, sometimes jersey cream.

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Salah vs Sally Sly: The Rematch

Okay, just so all the Salah fans don't start hatin on me, here's another Sally vs Salah battle at UKBB 2004. Awesome stuff from both dancers but Salah just slaughters, amazing! Also big respect to a cracking funk mix from the legendary DJ Leacy (R.I.P.)

You can see my post on the previous Salah vs Sally Sly battle by clicking here

BTW whoever posted these vids to youtube got the labelling wrong, pt2 is the starting video

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

Everybody Loves The Sunshine

D'Angelo's cover version of the Roy Ayers classic, nice n tight

BUT Still, the R.A.M.P. version is head and shoulders above the rest

FAIL! Technique first

Technique first, pose down later

Angler Fish

This is why I love The Oatmeal

Alphabet Aerobics

Absolutely sick home made video to Blackalicious - Alphabet Aerobics

I highly recommend you watch this in HD

Sally Sly vs. Salah

yeah yeah everyone loves being on Salah's nut but Sally Sly just kills it in this battle.  One of the best poppers in the world

Tracklisting BTW
1. Shock - Let's Get Cracking
2. The Funkacise Gang - Funkacise
3. Ray Parker Jr. & Raydio - It's Your Night
4. T-Connection - Anything Goes

Batman & Robin Nikes

Shit hot customs from Brass Monki

This Does Not Get Old

An oldie but a goodie, one of the best and funniest mashups on youtube

Sweet Sweet Honey

Sunny day ital zoot music

Goddamn that's Boss!

How ace is this? Pama Supreme at its best. Anyone have this and wishes to sell it on give me a bell.

Another legend

A masterful couple of throw ups from a true legend

Master Throw Up

Watch a true master show you how to do a quick throw up

Whilst We're On The Subject

peeps forget that this legend was also a king dancer


Soul's Godfather

Did you ever want to dance like James Brown?

Here is a stunning personal lesson by the Godfather himself

Like the man says, "It'll blow your mind..."


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